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Foul Corruption!

Somehow in the course of transferring the party’s progress to a vintage Tandy 1000 TX and back to a modern PC, the Pool of Radiance save game files became corrupted and the party’s inventory was wiped clean!  The Gold Box

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First Party Wipe

The company met its untimely demise at the claws of the trolls in the Old Rope Guild.  Attempt number two, with hirelings, bit the dust almost as fast.  Next time: higher level Magic-Users and Stinking Cloud!

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The Party Reaches Level Two

After clearing the eastern half of the slums, the party reached level 2. Ding! A few reloads were needed when the Thief and Magic-User received a paltry few hit points each, but with the hefty bonus from 18 CON, I

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