Not so fast!

After reaching level 2 and actually testing import into Curse of the Azure Bonds, I was dismayed to find that almost none of my party could successfully dual class! It turns out my original research was mostly correct – characters may not dual class to or from paladin and are only allowed to dual class to ranger from cleric. Furthermore, as per 2nd edition rules, I should have ensured any character destined for duality had both 15 in the prime stat of his or her birth class AND 17 in the prime stat of the new class.

Back to the drawing board!

Now Woodward, eventually to be a fighter/magic-user, will take the place of Mina and Parsifal will become a fighter/cleric as originally planned.  Dunn will dual class to fighter/magic-user last.  And now with at least two decent mages in the mix for Secret of the Silver Blades and Pools of Darkness, the party can afford to have a multi-class, elf fighter/magic-user/thief.  Hopefully a lot more versatility in Pool of Radiance will make up for a bit less power later on.  Will the party be up to the (Dave’s) Challenge?

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