Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

Here we go again, this time with an all-new party now that I’ve learned characters MAY in fact dual-class into Paladins and Rangers in Curse of the Azure bonds, so long as they meet the strict attribute and alignment prerequisites. Curse of the Azure Bonds gives you the minimum required attributes on new character creation, but NOT when dual-classing an imported character. Some adjustments:

* Zamis is no more; replaced by Erythrina the Human Magic-User
* Ery’s slot on the front line is taken by Mina, the Human Fighter who will dual class into Ranger when the party migrates to Curse of the Azure Bonds

To ensure successful migration to the new classes in Curse, a few characters will need considerably higher attributes than otherwise standard for fighters.

Parsifal: at least 9 INT and CON, 12 STR, 13 WIS and 17 CHA. Exceptional STR and 17+ CON would be nice to have.

Mina: at least 14 WIS and CON, 13 STR and INT

Finally, I’ve decided to switch to the standard PC-compatible version 1.3 of Pool of Radiance for easier installation and to pick up a few minor bug fixes. I’ll miss the hearing the same Tandy music score that plays at the start of every single combat… sadly, the Tandy music was removed at some point around version 1.1 or 1.2. I can only assume by that point SSI decided maintaining a separate build just for a brief song on the aging Tandy platform wasn’t worth it. Fear not, rousing Adlib tunes … tune… will return in Secret of the Silver Blades!

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