The Party Reaches Level Two

After clearing the eastern half of the slums, the party reached level 2.


A few reloads were needed when the Thief and Magic-User received a paltry few hit points each, but with the hefty bonus from 18 CON, I did not sweat only increasing the three fighters’ hit points by 10-13.  Why three fighters?

I decided at the beginning of this 4-game campaign that I wanted to finish Pools of Darkness with the same 6 characters who entered Phlan at level 1.  This has significant ramifications in regard to party make-up.

  1. No Paladin, because I cannot dual-class to to this class in Curse of the Azure Bonds, although 1st edition* pen & paper rules should allow this
  2. I could dual class to Ranger in CotAB, but I want to switch from a fighter class, not toan anemic Magic-User/Fighter with a nature fetish.
  3. Multi-classing is Right Out** due to the severe level limit restrictions for non human player characters (other than the Thief class).

*The gold box games are plainly based on first edition although they were published during the heyday of AD&D 2nd ed.  At least the rules are not as broken as in Pool of Radiance 2, but that is a topic for another post.

**I can and did beat Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds with non-human and multi-class characters way back in 1990, only to find that level restrictions becoming a real problem in Secret of the Silver Blades.  Completing Pools of Darkness with a full party of non-humans would have been a daunting task indeed.  In fact, the hint book for PoD cautions the player against attempting this.

What do these constraints mean?  Dual classes for everyone!  Getting a few levels of fighter makes an enormous difference to the hit point pool for my combat casters, and a fighter/cleric makes a passable (arguably even better) Paladin.  No lay on hands? No problem —  I’ll just cast an extra Cure Critical Wounds!  For maximum versatility, my dual class player characters will have varying levels of Fighter experience.

  • Parsifal (Fighter) will become a Fighter/Cleric around 17, since a plain vanilla fighter will suffice for CotAB
  • Dunn (Fighter) will become a Fighter/Magic-User around 15
  • Ery (Fighter) will become a Fighter/Magic-User the earliest, perhaps 13 or so.  What is better than one Fighter/Mage? Two Fighter/Mages!
  • Torel (Cleric) will stay a Cleric
  • Silencio (Thief) will become a Thief/Magic-User around 10.  While the Mage dual class makes the ability to read from scrolls redundant, having a second Magic-User toward the end of CotAB may be useful.
  • Zamis (Magic-User) will remain a Magic-User

Of course all of these plans are theoretical at this point.  The slums of old Phlan await!

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