First Post

Today marks the first update of this retro-gaming blog, tentatively titled: Remembered Realms: Recalling Games Past.  Expect the format and content to change as I update and learn to use this WordPress site.

I have decided to launch this blog by beginning a new campaign in the first computer RPG I ever owned – Pool of Radiance!

Pool of Radiance Box Cover

I hope to continue with the same party and eventually complete the core SSI “Gold Box” AD&D role-playing games.

  1. Pool of Radiance
  2. Curse of the Azure Bonds
  3. Secret of the Silver Blades
  4. Pools of Darkness

Time and interest permitting, I may attempt the Dragonlance PC games or take a detour to Hillsfar after completing Pool of Radiance. ¬†For an authentic retro-gaming experience, I will be running these games in DosBox on a modern PC – unless of course I can find the correct emulator to recreate the Tandy 1000’s glorious four-voice sound circuit!

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