The Battle of Sokal Keep

During the first foray into Sokal Keep, the party managed to turn aside the undead patrols and also find the hidden room with the journal detailing the history of the keep.  However, the city clerk did not consider the area cleared so it was back into the fray where I was forced to confront THIS unfortunate encounter.

Off to the right are two more screens full of Orcs, Hobgoblins and Orc Leaders.  Things took a turn for this level 3-4 party when Zamis cast Stinking Cloud while out of range and was forced to abort, losing the spell.  After dispatching half the enemies the party tanks were down to single-digit hit points and the party’s most powerful magic item, a scroll containing the level three spell Fireball, was invoked.  Unfortunately the blast clipped Ery for 24 hit points, knocking her out of the fight, but the sight half a dozen Orcs incinerated in one fell blast broke the monsters’ morale and the rest surrendered.  I had planned to save this scroll for a second battle with the Trolls in the slums, so they will need to be dealt with the hard way if another scroll cannot be found.

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